Our what to expect page is definitely worth a read if you are considering SMP. Lots of people are nervous about it which is completely normal. They may have concerns about whether it will hurt or whether it will look good, what others will think etc. Consultations usually put everyone’s minds at rest as you get to see for yourself the quality of treatments we carry out, have all the ins and outs explained and see the service you will receive from our friendly and passionate team. Any nerves then turn to excitement and the next question is usually how quickly can I book in?!”

What to expect at

Our Clinic

You can expect a warm welcome and a lovely, clean, sterile (but welcoming) clinic each and every time you visit. All equipment and surrounding surfaces are sterilised and protected after each use and PPE worn for all treatments.

What to expect during your


All consultations are undertaken by Evoke Director Adam or Consultant Nick, both of whom have had scalp micropigmentation treatment themselves, giving you the opportunity to see what results can be achieved.

Consultations are usually around an hour.

During the consultation we ask you to complete a form with a series of questions so we can ensure there are no medical reasons that you may not be a suitable candidate.

We discuss the procedure at length, answering any questions or concerns and show you examples of similar treatments we’ve carried out.

We discuss the procedure at length, answering any questions or concerns and show you examples of similar treatments we’ve carried out.

We discuss your ideas and requirements of the type of treatment you would like and take a thorough look at your hair loss to assess the treatment and provide a quote (if we haven’t already).We will always be 100% honest about what results can be achieved.

We discuss the procedure at length, answering any questions or concerns and show you examples of similar treatments we’ve carried out.

We show you the treatment room, the equipment and pigment we use.

We never use pressure sales tactics, we simply give you the information you need to decide whether SMP and Evoke are right for you.

What to expect during your

First Session

What to expect of the session length varies according to the size of the treatment. This can range from 1-2 hours for a top up session or small scar to 6 hours for a Alopecia Universalis client with no hair whatsoever). We will be able to give you a good indication of how long yours will be when we’ve seen you. The number of sessions required to complete your treatment can also vary according to the size and nature of the job.

The first session is always slightly longer as we complete all your paperwork, answer any final questions and work with you to plan your treatment.

We mark out your new hairline (if applicable) in wax pencil and agree whether you want it soft and feathered or sharp and defined. We match your pigment shade and then we make sure you are comfortable and 100% happy with the plan before we start.

Once treatment commences, you can feel free to chat to your Technician or if you prefer not to, you can relax in peace or watch TV. Always let us know how you are feeling. We can take regular comfort breaks with snacks and drinks provided.

What to expect during your

Follow Up sessions

We’ll build the density over the following sessions and can adjust the pigment shade and hairline if required. We can go darker as the treatment progresses, but we can’t go lighter so for any nervous clients we start with a lighter shade and build up gradually.

What to expect

After Treatment

We give your treatment a thorough check over to make sure its perfect but we always say to our clients to get in touch if there are any areas they would like ‘tweaking’ or adjusting afterwards. If there are, we make a convenient appointment and get you back in. We want to make sure you are 100% happy and no treatment is complete unless you are.

Proper care and attention to your scalp is vital following treatment, and we’ll make sure you have everything you need to keep it looking great.

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It’s difficult for anyone to notice it’s not real hair

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All of our consultant technicians have had the treatment themselves so you can see an example of our work in person. They will talk you through the process, answer any questions and you will never be under any pressure either throughout or following. We give you the information and leave you to decide whether scalp micropigmentation and Evoke are right for you.

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