Male pattern baldness is the most common type of hair loss, and according to figures from the NHS affects around half of all men by their fiftieth year, often starting as early as the mid to late twenties. Male pattern baldness usually presents with a receding hairline, and is followed by thinning of the remaining hair. It can progress to complete baldness.We have treated clients across the spectrum of ages from early twenties to late seventies, it’s never too early or late to start your SMP journey!There are two types of treatment we carry out for this type of hair loss – Shaved and Camouflage. Please see more information about the two treatments below.

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To recreate a shaven look where the client intends to keep the hair very short, or completely shaved. We use different sized needles to create the most realistic and natural look. We are increasingly asked to carry out corrective work on clients who have had treatment elsewhere (often with inexperienced practitioners who are offering cheap quotes). Sometimes we are able to correct the treatment and get it looking great again, but sometimes, unfortunately, we do have to recommend removal. Please enquire if you are in this situation and we will do our best to advise and help.

Camouflage ›

To camouflage thinning areas by creating the appearance of more density in the hair where the client intends to keep the length. Please note, we can work through hair to disguise this type of hair loss but to achieve a perfect and consistent treatment underneath which is the better long term option in case you lose more hair in the future, we do recommend trimming your hair down short for treatment sessions.

It’s difficult for anyone to notice it’s not real hair

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All of our consultant technicians have had the treatment themselves so you can see an example of our work in person. They will talk you through the process, answer any questions and you will never be under any pressure either throughout or following. We give you the information and leave you to decide whether scalp micropigmentation and Evoke are right for you.

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