Which Style? Planning your treatment

Scalp Micropigmentation is a completely flexible solution to hair loss, and prior to your treatment commencing we’ll provide a full consultation to determine exactly what you require. Similarly to if you were visiting a hair dresser or barber, we can adapt the technique, pigment and application to create variations on style.

During your consultation we’ll complete a full assessment of any existing follicle pattern, and as part of the in depth design process will also take into account any colour variations, past and present hairlines, as well as your age and ethnicity.

The most important factors are the look and feel of your hairline and side profiles, as well as the colour and density of the pigmentation, all of which will be discussed at length. You’ll be involved throughout the whole design process and we won’t start treatment until you’re completely happy with your treatment plan.

Evoke 3D Density

For Evoke 3D Density technique, multiple pigment shades are used (usually 2-3 shades).  We also use slightly different sized needles at each session to ensure the most authentic finish possible.

Evoke use only the highest quality pigments to create personalised shades for every client. Matched specifically to your requirements, pigments are blended and applied to provide your perfect finish, whatever your natural or desired hair colour.

Evoke Style Options



A natural, softer hairline designed to complement your age and facial structure. Evoke Natural is completely tailored to your requirements.



Favoured by younger clients, Evoke Defined Edge uses the precision placement of pigment to create a barber fresh look which is both sharp and contemporary.



Restore your original hairline to recreate the look prior to your hair loss, or create a whole new look to your exact specification.



Camouflage is applied underneath existing hair, and can be used to disguise thinning areas or as a pre-emptive treatment in the case of male pattern baldness or receding hairline.

The experience of Evoke’s technicians, combined with the utmost commitment and dedication to the happiness of our clients has inspired us to develop a flexible range of Scalp Micropigmentation styles, and our unique ‘3D Density’ system.

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"SMP has given me back my confidence and improved my self image no end - thank you!"
David, Sheffield,

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