More and more frequently we are asked to beat unrealistically low quotations from other SMP clinics, and more and more frequently we are asked to carry out corrective work on clients that have had poor treatments elsewhere. The correlation between this is clear; there are new clinics opening up regularly, clinics with inexperienced technicians offering services at a cost only possible if you are using inadequate materials and pigment or poorly paid, inexperienced staff.Problems that we have seen people encounter are:

  • Migration of pigment meaning that the look of individual hair follicles to replicate a shaved look, appears as an almost solid block of colour
  • A ‘patchy’ look where the frequency of pigment deposits across the treated area is not consistent
  • Discolouration of treatment due to unsuitable pigment or even tattoo ink has been used, or the pigment has been deposited too far into the layers of skin

Our advice to potential clients is always do your research on your choice of clinic before you go ahead. Look at how long they have been in business, ask about how many clients they’ve treated, look at the reviews and go on recommendations from others you may know. Visit the clinic and have a consultation so you can see for yourself how professional the environment and technicians are. Don’t go purely on the cheapest price offered as it could end up costing you more financially in the long run, if corrective work is required.Scalp micropigmentation can look fantastic if carried out well, but if it isn’t it can result in the need for laser removal, further micropigmentation work and can have a detrimental effect on your confidence.Evoke Hair Clinic was the first scalp micropigmentation hair clinic to open in Sheffield and since then, our technicians have treated hundreds of clients and spent many, many hours perfecting their art so you are truly in safe hands.

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