On The Day

It’s normal to be a little nervous on the day of your treatment, but it’s also an exciting time, and we’ll ensure that you leave our clinic feeling confident and invigorated.


All consultations are undertaken by Evoke Director Adam or Consultant Nick, both of whom have had the treatment themselves, giving you the opportunity to see what results can be achieved.  They will explain the process from start to finish and answer any questions you may have.


When you arrive we’ll spend approximately thirty minutes completing your paperwork. Your technician will be present to ensure that you fully understand the process of scalp micropigmentation, and to answer any questions you may have.

We’ll then discuss your treatment itself at length, and finalise the specifics of your desired density and shade. Your new hairline will be marked out in a wax pencil. This will take up to an hour, and the treatment itself will not begin until you’re fully satisfied with how your treatment will proceed. We’ll make recommendations throughout this process, helping you to make the best choices for the most attractive result.


While you make yourself comfortable your technician will ready the pigment and scalp micropigmentation equipment. Equipment is completely sterilised before every treatment, and a new set of sterile needles loaded into the machine. We’ll then begin treatment. Please do chat to us throughout the process and let us know how you’re feeling. We’ll take regular comfort breaks with snacks and beverages provided.

The treatment time differs depending on the area of scalp to be treated, and can be anywhere from 2-6 hours. We’ll be able to offer a good estimate of time following your consultation. The treatment schedule can be split between 2-4 sessions depending on your individual needs.

After Treatment

Once your treatment is complete you can take some time to relax, ask us any questions, or simply admire your new look! We’ll talk to you about aftercare and follow up treatments, and provide you with the Evoke aftercare pack before you leave. Proper care and attention to your scalp is vital following treatment, and we’ll make sure you have everything you need to take the best care of yourself.

Read more about Aftercare.

"SMP has given me back my confidence and improved my self image no end - thank you!"
David, Sheffield,

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