Client Stories – Women

Client Stories – Women

Thinning Hair

Jennifer, 53  “For years I’d wasted money on various products that promised the earth but delivered little. It was actually my hairdresser that told me about Evoke and the procedure that could help me. I’ve always suffered from thin hair, never particular patches but recently I’d become very self conscious that my scalp was becoming more visible under my hair. This had started to dictate the styles I chose for my hair, it was particularly problematic on windy days when the full extent of my problem was visible. I cannot praise Evoke enough for how they helped me with this sensitive issue. I met them at their clinic and was immediately impressed, it was a lovely warm welcoming place and the team are great. Daniel handled my treatment from start to finish, the consultation process was extremely detailed. He was able to show me lots of pictures of other ladies that had the treatment and the results I could expect. I must admit I was a little apprehensive about how painful the procedure would be. Daniel explained that Evoke use an anaesthetic cream if necessary but that most customers don’t have an issue with the pain. He was right, I opted for the cream at my first session but it soon became obvious that this was not needed. I’m absolutely thrilled with the result of my treatment and have recommended it to my friends”


Hannah, 25 ” I’ve suffered from stress related alopecia for a few years now my hair falls out in small patches, like most alopecia sufferers it affected my confidence massively. I started using hair pieces and extensions but these only covered up the problem and in the end put so much stress on my existing hair that it too started to fall out. I thought I had exhausted all the avenues when my hair stylist told me about a new treatment for alopecia and thinning hair in men and women. I booked a consultation with Evoke at their Sheffield clinic. The technicians walked me through the process step by step making sure I fully understood the whole process and what could be achieved. The final result was spectacular my patches are bareley noticeable and I can finally get rid of the hair pieces and extensions. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Evoke to anyone in the future. Thank you so so much.”

"SMP has given me back my confidence and improved my self image no end - thank you!"
David, Sheffield,

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