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Keith H – “I had non-surgical hair replacement ( a hair piece) for over 20 years before deciding enough was enough.   I looked  into MSP as an alternative because I wasn’t happy with the ensuing bald look, and found Evoke by googling MSP.  I contacted them and arranged a consultation and I am very pleased that I did.  From the outset there was no pressure.  I met Nick and realised I had met him once before when considering a hair transplant – he is a friendly and easy-going guy and tells it exactly how it is.  I looked through the client photos and  was impressed with the results; I also felt at ease discussing things with Nick and was able to ask anything I liked about the process.  After consulting my wife-whose judgement I trust implicitly-we decided I should go ahead with the treatment.

From the outset I was impressed with the set-up at Evoke.  The premises are modern and spotless and everything is done with professionalism.  My treatment required three sittings of around 3 or 4 hours each, but Adam (whom I warmed to immediately as he is such a genuine guy) took me carefully through the whole process as it evolved, and therefore I knew exactly what to expect over the 3 weeks it took to complete the treatment.  I was very careful to follow the care instructions provided, and I experienced very little discomfort either during of after the treatment.

A couple of months on, I am delighted with the results.  For men suffering from male-pattern baldness, I think MSP is the best option.  It is very difficult to achieve a totally ‘natural ‘ look with non-surgical hair replacement or hair transplants, not to mention the cost of these options, which can become a bottomless pit which you keep throwing money into.  With MSP you simply have a buzz cut, and once you are used to seeing yourself with very short hair, everything is fine.  Whereas  before  I was spending over £3000 a year on my hair, it now costs me nothing as my wife cuts it!  If you’re bothered by hair loss (and who isn’t), get in touch with Evoke.”

Darren, 35 – “It was my doctor who actually recommended that I looked into how Evoke could help me after I’d suffered several patches of hair loss due to alopecia. We still don’t know what caused the alopecia to begin with as I’d never suffered with this before. The guys at Evoke were not only very knowledgeable about my condition but were able to provide a fantastic solution. I’d always had my hair cut quite short so scalp micropigmentation blended with my natural short hair perfectly. I’m really happy with the results, if my hair grows back great but if not I’m no longer worried”

Luke, 23 – “As a young man going bald was never anything I felt was even a possibility, it shattered my confidence, seriously affecting my social and work life. I had considered hair transplants but felt the cost was too great and I did not like the results achievable. When I met Adam at Evoke it was great to speak to somebody that had been through the same thing at a similar age. He was able to talk me through the process step by step and put me at ease regarding the treatment and what I can expect. To say I’m overjoyed with the outcome would be an understatement. Some of my friends are now aware that I’ve had scalp micropigmentation and they’re amazed! They keeping asking to look at my head to see if they can spot which hair follicles are real and which are pigment”

Graham, 46 – ” I’m a confident man generally and wouldn’t say partially losing my hair had significantly affected my confidence. It was only when my wife told me about Evoke that I looked at the website. If I’m honest I’d never heard of scalp micropigmentation. I still had a reasonably thick head of hair and liked my current hair style. I spoke with Daniel over the phone at first and he explained that they could perform the treatment without the need for me to shave my hair. The pigmentation process was simply applied to my crown through my existing hair. The affect has been incredible, you can no longer see the white shine of my scalp on my thinning crown. My remaining hair blends and camouflages with the treated area perfectly”

Peter, 43 – “I’ve battled with male pattern baldness for nearly 15 years and would class myself as something of an expert in the subject. I’ve tried various pills and potions over the past 15 years and in 2011 decided to have hair transplants. I was initially delighted with the results but more recently I’d been searching for a more sustainable long term solution. The problem I feared most related to the nasty scars from my transplants that would be revealed should I ever have my hair cut short. It was great to speak to Adam, he’s never had transplants but was able to explain that scalp micropigmentation was still a great solution for me. He explained that the scarring on the back of my head could be covered using their scar camouflage pigmentation treatment. This was performed along with a light scalp micropigmentation procedure. I still can’t quite believe the results , you can hardly see my scarring now unless you really look for it. People tell me that they actually prefer my new shaved hair look and that it makes me look younger, which is great”

Jack, 28 – “The hair loss I experienced was on the top of my head, I started going thin at the back and the front. Being a single man it affected my social life and confidence, I felt self conscious and dreaded the thought of someone noticing. I still had some hair but my thinning hair aged me so much.

So after doing some research on hair loss solutions I came across Evoke hair clinic and booked a consultation with Adam. I couldn’t believe it when Adam said he had gone through the treatment himself, the results were right there in front of me to see, a full head of hair using scalp micro pigmentation. I booked my treatment plan straight away and after three appointments I had the results I had craved for so long. I can’t thank the whole team at evoke enough, the results are incredible and my confidence is restored I feel like a new man.”

Charlie, 33 – “My hair started receding pretty early into my twenties and continued until I was almost totally bald on top by 26. I had all the usual jokes from my mates and it never really bothered me, but my wife had heard about scalp micro pigmentation through social media and set up a free consultation. I thought why not give it a go I’ve got nothing to lose. The head technician Daniel took me through the whole treatment plan and showed me examples of men similar to me they had treated. He recommended which hair line would suite me best based on my facial structure and age.he answered all my questions and told me exactly what to expect from the whole process. I thought it over for a few days and the decided to go for it.

I’m absolutely staggered at the finished result its taken years off me! My mates cant make bald jokes anymore AND they can’t quite believe how great it looks. I will definitely be recommending Evoke hair clinic to anyone and everyone my new hair speaks for itself!”

"I feel like I've been given new lease of life, I was very self conscious before the treatment"
Martin, Rotherham,

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