Client Experience of Scalp Micropigmentation and Alopecia

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An interview with Craig, who explains how Scalp Micropigmentation treatment has benefited him Intro How are you doing? I’m Craig. I’m here at Evoke on Saturday morning, ready for my Scalp Micropigmentation. Describe the experience of losing your hair. Craig: Well, I actually have a condition for people that don’t know, which is Alopecia Universalis […]

Researching your Choice of Scalp Micropigmentation Clinics

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More and more frequently we are asked to beat unrealistically low quotations from other SMP clinics, and more and more frequently we are asked to carry out corrective work on clients that have had poor treatments elsewhere.  The correlation between this is clear; there are new clinics opening up regularly, clinics with inexperienced technicians offering […]

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