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Evoke Hair Clinic Sheffield Team

Adam, Company Director

“We started the Evoke Medical Group after I myself had scalp micropigmentation in 2014 after balding in my early 20s. SMP was relatively unheard of at the time. I became fascinated with the procedure and decided I wanted to be able to offer SMP to people myself and change their lives as it had mine. Evoke caters for both male and female clients and have now built up a significant portfolio of happy clients over the years. At Evoke we’ve created a team of incredibly skilled and passionate people who deliver fantastic results every time. The key to this is experience (we’ve got better and better over the years which comes from hours and hours of perfecting our craft), keeping up to date with the latest techniques, providing only the best pigment and equipment for our treatments and genuinely caring about each and every person’s journey who walks through our door. Please take a minute to look at our client stories who will tell you in their words about the Evoke experience”


Daniel, Company Director

“Having helped launch various businesses in the past I was on the lookout for a project I could really put my stamp on, the semi permanent make up industry really captured my imagination. Coming from an artistic background has enabled me to create Evokes signature look and style. From the boutique style clinic to the state of the art machines we’ve created a unique environment for our clients to enjoy. Through our training, knowledge and passion for our work we are able to provide unrivalled treatments within the industry.”

Nick - Senior Technician and consultant

Nick, Consultant and Senior Technician

I have 5 years experience within the hair restoration industry having started my career at Vinci.  Here, I gained knowledge on all aspects of hair loss treatments and procedures including transplants and scalp micropigmentation.  I moved to Evoke 3 years ago and it’s been great.  They share my passion and understand the positive effects this procedure has on every client we treat so we make a fantastic team.

Kate, Customer Service Administrator

“I absolutely love dealing with all of our clients who’s backgrounds and hair loss experience varies so greatly. I’m always here to answer any questions or concerns, put you directly in touch with our Tech’s or Consultants and make sure we organise convenient appointments to suit your schedule. “


Ian, Digital Marketing

“I’ve been in marketing for twenty years and thought I had seen it all, but when the guys pitched me their vision for Evoke I was blown away. The product literally speaks for itself, it makes my job of marketing a whole lot easier. It’s exciting to think where we can take Evoke in the future.”


Donna, Customer Service Administrator

“As the newest member of the Evoke team I’m really enjoying working for a company that is making such a positive impact on peoples lives.

"I feel like I've been given new lease of life, I was very self conscious before the treatment"
Martin, Rotherham,

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